Gifts at every level can have a profound impact at Berkeley

A gift of $25 can:

  • Pay for one safe walk home for a student with a BearWalk escort
  • Provide up to two hours of tutoring at the Student Learning Center

A gift of $100 can:

  • Provide a science textbook to a student in need
  • Cover some personal expenses so that a student on financial aid can participate in extracurricular activities

A gift of $250 can:

  • Cover a semester’s transportation expenses for a student in need
  • Pay for a multilingual workshop to help a low-income student become the first in his/her family to attend college

A gift of $500 can:

  • Enable one student to participate in the Berkeley Connect undergraduate mentoring program
  • Provide two semesters of exam reviews through the Student Learning Center
  • Pay for a student’s books and supplies for a semester

A gift of $1,000 can:

  • Pay for one year’s supply of books for students in the Disabled Students Program’s employment class
  • Fund three student group leaders at the Student Learning Center

A gift of $2,500 can:

  • Cover a financial aid student’s meal plan for the year
  • Fund a one-year, merit-based scholarship in the Regents’ or Chancellor’s Scholarship programs
  • Provide a computer and software to a student in need

A gift of $5,000 can:

  • Fund a Student Learning Center adjunct course instructor for 1-2 semesters, helping to provide free tutoring to students in need of academic support
  • Fund an annual scholarship for one student

A gift of $10,000 can:

  • Sponsor campuswide Disability Awareness Week activities for one to two years
  • Fund the video capture, transcription, and captioning of one course’s lectures, making them accessible to hearing-impaired students and searchable by all students
  • Cover the “work” portion of a full financial-aid package for a student in need, allowing the student to focus primarily on his/her studies

A gift of $15,000 can:

  • Cover a year’s tuition and some additional living expenses

A gift of $25,000 can:

  • Change the life of a scholar in need by providing nearly the full cost of annual attendance
  • Refresh customer service training for Cal Student Central’s advising staff, ensuring exceptional service for students’ administrative needs (billing, financial aid, registrar)
  • Pay for one year of one-on-one coaching for 100 low-income college students who want to transfer to Cal (80 percent of those we help are accepted to Berkeley, compared with 26 percent of all transfer applicants)